Families can visit as often as tenants and family members wish, on arrangement between yourselves. where you are in a share house we ask that you be considerate to your housemates.

We would rather gifts were not given to staff at all. Occasionally (especially around festive periods ), gifts such as boxes of chocolates and biscuit tins are often given to staff. These can be accepted as long as they are deemed to be of insignificant value (£10 or less ) and are shared with other Focus Care Professionals employees.

All staff are trained in what to do in an emergency including fire and house evacuation. Each project has its specific staffing cover and you will be informed as such.

You are encouraged/ supported where needed to register with the local GP services.

All meals are made independently by you with support. Staff are able to guide and assist in food preparation, but cooking will be led by the individual being supported; likewise can be supported to go shopping for groceries and decide what types of food that you would like to buy. Staff are able support and guide client during 1:1 sessions to go for the healthy options and plan healthy menus.

If someone would like a pet, we will consider a request if they live in single accommodation. Pets are not allowed in shared accommodation.

We do not provide transport services. We do encourage access via public transport (buses). Local taxi companies are an option but they can be very expensive. In exceptional cases staff may use their transport to aid the delivery of a support plan. These will need to be pre-agreed with yourself and or the relevant funding authority at the specified mileage cost.

Focus Care Professionals will agree a support plan with you when you join the service. This plans are tailored to meet your support details needs including you aspirations and or goals towards independence. These goals are broken down into achievable aims and activities which will be regularly reviewed, and amended to suit changing needs. where you care is funded by an authority your care co-ordinator or manage will be invited to be part of the review.